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Are Your Merchants Asking About This Settlement?

Merchants who accepted Visa or Mastercard since January 1, 2004 are part of a $6 billion dollar settlement. But, they have to file a claim (either for themselves here or through a service) to be included. The reality is that many of your merchants may look to their agents to educate them and help them. Brownstone Recovery is here to help you, your agents, and your merchants.

Brownstone Recovery has created a unique Partner Program to help firms add further value to their services. Our custom communication programs and tools provide companies and their agents with all the sales and marketing resources they need to help their merchants take action.

We Are Better Together

Brownstone Recovery is the high-quality, turnkey solution to your merchants’ needs. We understand the mechanics of how to handle this process flawlessly and can help your clients understand their options and know they are covered and protected from changes or curveballs along the way. We are very flexible, and can tailor a partner solution to your specific needs.

We’ve made the enrollment process simple for both you and your merchants by helping merchants understand their filing options. Even better, our services require no upfront fees and are available to your merchants on a contingency fee basis.

If you are interested in hearing more or enrolling in our Partner Program, please contact one of our specialists:

Ken Staab

Senior Vice President
Office Phone: 877-202-2454 ext. 701
Cell Phone: 704-607-2073

Scott Gallagher

Senior Vice President
Office Phone: 877-202-2454 ext. 702
Cell Phone: 862-596-1100

Disclaimer: You can file yourself without using a claims recovery service like Brownstone by going to or calling 1-800-625-6440. Claim forms are being delivered and are available online beginning December 1, 2023. Class members need not sign up for a third-party service in order to participate in any monetary relief. No-cost assistance is available from the Class Administrator and Class Counsel during the claims-filing period. Additional information regarding the litigation, is available at